At last just what I've been looking for! MCS plastic challenge

Day 21!

Things have been progressing well over the past couple of days. We have baked lots of cakes and biscuits and going to the beach has been plastic-less in that we have had enough goodies to take rather than a last minute rush to the shop.

Cherries in punnets have been decanted into paper bags or containers (the punnets can be reused by the shop) and melons have also been a hit. Of course, there has still been ice cream requests and as these are plastic free generally they have been accepted!

Visited fish mongers and they wrapped fish in paper and I put it in my container!

Today, the most exciting thing happened! ( My excitement surprised me!) but I found a CUCUMBER that was plastic free and locally grown in a local store!!! Just what I had been looking for..

The shampoo thing isn't perfect with the shampoo bar and cider hair feels a bit waxy and although I'll put up with it for the challenge I need to find a better option if it's to be a long term thing...

Hope you have taken your first step to plastic-less-ness:)

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