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Plastic-less-ness..why bother and how to find the time ...?! MCS plastic challenge

Some days I have relished the plastic challenge, others I have certainly felt a bit half hearted in my endeavours. 

I recently wrote to one of the large Supermarkets asking if they would support me and a few friends going in to shop and then ridding ourselves of the excess plastic packaging. Their first response was that they have had too many asks in this department! ( I think not!) The second was that they already review their packaging regularly and I would have to contact the store manager direct if I wanted to pursue my request further ( but they hoped I did my plastic challenge with MCS anyway). I guess I was hoping for a positive "Yes, we are out there to grab this great opportunity to engage with our customers" response:(

I suppose imagining going to a supermarket and coming out with little or no plastic would do away with the "challenge" element in "plastic challenge" but what a lot of time it would save!

It's difficult cutting down on your single use plastic in one big step. We all have to rush to the supermarket at times even if we don't use them on a regular basis, many people have to save time doing an on line shop. Trying to get to the grocer or even prioritise time to think about reducing our plastic consumption may be challenging.

I have found trying to change all my plastic habits in one go, for the plastic challenge, quite difficult and at times, I have to just allow myself some bad plastic habits and focus on easier plastic free options. I have ensured I keep baking biscuits and cakes but have resorted back to toothpaste not having time to try another plastic free option. (the bicarb option was ditched as one of my teeth is in need of extra care at the moment)

Change for the LONG TERM...

To change any habit you need to really want to change and see the value in changing. There certainly is avalue in reducing the amount of plastic waste we produce but the benefits may not be so visible in our  everyday lives.

But don't be fooled, the long term gain is immense! 

Benefits of plastic-less-ness...

Reducing the amount of resources we use helps limit our CO2 footprint.Reducing waste means less waste to process, so less energy is used ( and less CO2)..Reducing our plastic footprint also means that we move away from unsustainable oil based products. Finally, as 80% of plastic in the oceans comes from land based sources finding alternative products again makes good sense..the less plastic products we rely on the better it is for our ocean.


There may well be health reasons to avoid plastics with certain plastic related substances having already been banned ( BPA"s in baby bottles).


Saving  money is a good incentive to go plastic-less. Taking out your own drinks and not buying water /soft drinks in plastic and take away coffees etc will save you money over the year..

I can't remember the last time I bought bottled water or take away coffee these habits are dim and distant memories!




Choose one small step at a time:

Whether it's saying "no" to using a straw or trying to replace any plastic wrapped products with plastic-less ones or remembering to take your produce bags to the shop it one step at a time. Even if you do an on line shop look along the "shelf" of one product and see if you can find a plastic-less replacement..

You are more likely to be successful and see plastic-less-nee as something that you can conquer over time if you set small achievable goals. 

Some things you may find are difficult to change. I you are busy, if you never have time or the opportunity to dash to the local farm shop ( if you are lucky to have a good one near you) or run into a new style pay and weigh just doing what you can,in an imperfect world, is perfect!

There are only 24 hours in a day no matter what we do but somewhere in there is time for change..

Good luck on your plastic-less journey




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