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Let the challenge begin--blog about the MCS plastic challenge-until end June 2017

Day 1:

Day one of the plastic challenge did not not start well...I thought for some reason I wasn't starting the challenge until the 4th (don't ask why! only because I don't have the answer) and  so I have put off looking for the one thing that has bugged me over my last two plastic challenges .. toilet roll without plastic wrapping.

I think I will end up ordering the rolls from Who gives a c*** . I tried the Suma loo roll with compostable wrapping last year, but I still think that it's better to avoid those compostable plastics as they need specific environmental conditions. I'm sure there must just be a wholesaler out there who can deliver loo roll in a box at a bargain price I just have to track him or her down. The trouble is we are going to run out so time is of the essence.

One plastic-less gem did turn up at my door today and that was the "Living Larder" veg box. No plastic just fresh, wholesome veg in paper bags where needed.Supporting a local box scheme and trying to eat a bit more seasonally is a good move I just need to organise my weekly cooking a little instead of last minute panic cooking.

I have a few veggies and fruit in the garden but I will need to spend some time giving them a bit more attention if they are to add to my plastic-less veg requirements(another thing on my growing to do list).

I have acquired some plastic-less deodorant (by legal means :)) made by Organic Essence- watch this space as we will be stocking it here on our site. The packaging is cardboard (there are 2 tiny tamper proof seals to remove which are compostable-I guess there has to be some tamper proofing).

All ingredients are Organic (as the name implies!) and there are no nasty chemicals.

It seems to work out and smells good ( I haven't noticed too many people avoiding close contact with me- not that I encourage close contact with many!)

I have some food items that  I will have to use up as they are already in the cupboard but I will definitely have another go at pasta making this month. Baking biscuits is on tomorrows to do list ( or paying children to bake depending on how I feel) so this will avoid the plastic biscuit wrapping..( what did they ever wrap biscuits in before plastic or was home baking the thing?..I'm guessing people just wouldn't have eaten the huge quantities of biscuits we probably eat nowadays !)


Ate my last packet of cheese and onion crisps the other day..maybe this will be the month to for experimental crisp making..or the month for doing without...arg..that's a challenge and a half! the no crisp challenge!

(The warrior picture?--well thought I might need a little help!)


Day 2:


Luckily, I had some Lush toothpaste tabs from last year. I think now they might package them in plastic.Anyway, I thought also I should look at some alternatives so have tried this one:

Equal amounts of coconut oil and bicarb and 20 drops of peppermint oil!

Actually, I didn't put in the peppermint as I didn't have any! Taste isn't great but my teeth did feel and look clean and I like the taste of the coconut oil ( which comes in a glass jar). I will try out a few different recipes and let you know how that goes! I am so used to Floride but when you start reading the bad stuff about it then I wonder whether it is needed !

Would be interesting to have a dentist's point of view..( maybe I need to book in that appointment I've been putting off for nearly a year now!!)


Day 3/4


It's been ok over the last two days in that I haven't had to do much shopping but today is Sunday and we have ran out of milk! So, I can drive and use petrol to get to the closest shop selling milk in a bottle ( prob not Organic) or walk into the Coop! and that is how it ended

.. one big plastic container of milk! :(

..I will try the milk man again ( for milk purposes) but he struggled getting up our drive and the organic milk is more expensive. My compromise might be to buy bottled milk for yogurt making and speak to the local dairy to see if I can arrange anything. Again I don't want to waste petrol by driving over there especially to acquire plastic-less milk so this is quite challenging!!!

On the positive side, I have my shampoo bars arriving so no more plastic bottles of shampoo!!

 Day 6

Loo roll/soap and the challenge of cheese!

Who gives a Cr** ? sometimes it is the natural thing to wonder!..however, the makers of this plastic-less toilet roll (WGAC) do with 50 % of their profit going to Water Aid. The toilet roll is pretty good (my children have okay'd it) and it's not wrapped in plastic. Instead, I received this big box of loo roll which is temporarily based in the hall for my husband to trip over!who gives a cr** toilet roll plastic challenge

The shampoo bar is via the MCS site and made by "Friendly" soap. Downside it arrived in a layer of bubble wrap argg! whether degradable or not, it's not ideal for those ordering on a plastic challenge!

However, the shampoo bar works okay. It is Palm oil free, SLS free, cruelty free..the bar lathered quite well though I think I will try Apple cider vinegar as a rinse to ensure there is no soapy aftermath. The shampoo bar smells great and ok, it's not the same as using shampoo but we are adaptable mammals supposedly so that's why I'm going to try the vinegar too. Apple cider vinegar is meant to be good for shiny hair ...

The failure of the day occurred when pizza was requested for dinner. We had ran out of cheese and I didn't have time to drive to the butchers-where they will put cheese into my own container- so I gave into the pizza request and bought cheese. However, as fate would have it, we then did not need the cheese as my husband brought home fish and chips ( in a plastic bag!!). I will however ensure I love and cherish the plastic bag so it is used to it's full potential!

plastic wrapped cheese. MCS plastic challenge

p.s The sweets were the Wednesday pottery treat. The Milky Way was for someone else..I did however managed to buy our sweets plastic free-good old Rolos-and a can rather than a carton or plastic bottle!



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