Living life without single use plastic- the challenge goes on

Days 10-11:

What do you do when you are on a plastic challenge and your husband brings you a picnic to the beach with plastic and more plastic .." I tried not to get plastic.." he said..

I said nothing..maybe I grimaced a bit..and said thank you..maybe I said "It's fine" ( in that it's not really fine tone) can't actually remember now...

However, I chose the challenge for me and I would say overall "the family" have been pretty understanding and supportive so mustn't grumble!

So the picnic...we ate our hummus (from a plastic tube)..he ate coleslaw ( no one else likes that plastic wrapped coleslaw), we ate tomatoes ( the carton was cardboard!) and the bread (now that was an improvement as it came in a paper bag).. cheese ( plastic bag and film) and then there was the packet of crisps ( I gave in as I was so deep in plastic wrong doing  that it didn't matter at this point).

Warning.. if you go to the supermarket for a last minute picnic it's gonna get plastic-y...

Rather than beat myself with a birch stick over my plastic wrong doings I had a little bit of a think about what to do about the last min. picnic: 

I could make some hummus but I need to do small portions- I tend to go overboard make lots of it and it sits in the fridge. Who knows maybe you can freeze it!:)? (hummus lollies-can't see that taking off).

I need to go out and get some cheese from a good deli counter and that way I can take my own containers.

Make sure I buy lots of loose tomatoes. We eat tons and I never buy enough.

Make sure I have some goodies baked for the weekend. It is amazingly quick to make some cheese straws or cakes-put the radio on and turn off the's also a good way to pass the time for insomniacs!

Still haven't given the crisp situation any thought..( it's going to stay like that for a while!..I haven't bought any and "the family" have only bought the picnic pack so far..

The only only family issue was with the shampoo bar. My daughter found it left her hair a bit sticky despite the cider vinegar..I'm going to persevere with a bar and maybe change the Friendly soap for another brand. Anyway, a plastic bottle of shampoo and conditioner has crept into the shower next to the shampoo bar and coconut oil in a glass jar ..

Another positive is the washing up that we do in the sink it plastic..less. Just need to consider

what to use other than washing-up liquid....( natural wooden brushes/steel wool/cotton cloth).Need to go on the hunt though for plastic free dishwasher tablets..Ecover put each of theirs in a plastic wrapper which has been annoying for a while...

Day 12

It's quite satisfying taking a new roll of toilet roll out of the "Who gives a crap" cardboard box, unwrapping the paper covering and trundling off to the loo knowing there was NO PLASTIC.

Had to grab some tissues from the supermarket but these are an easy plastic less buy iand hurrah are packaged in a cardboard box.

Managed also to grab some sparkling water in a glass bottle so we can use up the Elderflower cordial we froze last year. Had to do the butter and milk thing..(that's annoying me now)but as we live on an Island and not in a city with more choice, other than get my own cow, butter making equipment and a 48 hour day, I can't see how I will easily solve this one.

Was feeling good about the Plastic free dinner I had planned for this evening but "Damn that Chicken! "
It was all going so well ....tomatoes in a paper bag, rocket from the garden, plastic free asparagus and onions, a bottle of white wine,  plastic free lemon and an avocado..maybe the foil on the veggie cube was a bit plastic-y but still, it was looking good... until the risotto rice (which I'd grabbed from the local shop)..all nicely packaged in a cardboard box and wham..the Gallio chicken had sneaked a plastic wrapper in! arg!
..however the risotto was good and next time I'll read the packaging label more carefully!

hidden plastic packaging-plastic challengeplastic packaing-check labelling


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