The end is in sight..the final push MCS plastic challenge

There are somethings that I haven't quite got around to trying, like the no bin bag experiment, however I think I have pretty much acquired a healthy range of non plastic habits that I will be able to maintain.

Take it away...

I admit I have had 2 take away moments- I haven't had any for ages and think a busy week and tiredness brought in 2 close together?!

I was quick enough to get my reusable bag out at the fish and chip shop so other than maybe a bit of silicon on the first sheet wrapping the chips it was quite a good plastic free take away.

 I went to the Chinese take away after getting home late from a great Co Coast evening out. I explained I was on a plastic challenge and checked they had a foil container and again I managed to carry my container away with the aid of a plastic bag.

It's good to talk...

The guy at the chip shop asked me lots of questions about my challenge and said he was going to try to challenge himself for a day..:)

I think I may also have had success in helping someone else along the path to plastic-less-ness.Before I got to the Co Coast evening, I sat and had a snack at a cafe, chatted to the manager about ..guess what..plastic..he then gave me a glass with two straws in!!!!

So what could I do but show him the All Bar One article and tried to persuade him strawless was the way forward. In the end he said he had lots of straws left but he was going to try to not give out straws!--So I'll be back ( to check):)

Going out with a bang..

Maybe I'll have a go at making my own crisps!


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