About us

The motivation behind Message in a Bottle is a simple one. Love of the sea and all the good and wonderful nature stuff here on planet Earth. The wonderful nature stuff of course includes us humans too (though we may at times forget it!?)

Not only do we want to make it easier for you to ditch the plastic habit by providing a range of plastic-less and more sustainable products but we hope as we grow, to help spread the word regarding the problem of plastics in our environment particularly in our Oceans ,as well as, share ideas around our resource use.. Start making your own changed today:

This could be in your own everyday life (using less plastic items), setting out to make changes in your community or even just writing a letter or signing a petition to try and add the power of your voice to the increasing number of people who want things to change globally for the sake of our oceans and planet.

Currently, we are involved in supporting the MCS by volunteering for it's beach surveys to collect important data about beach litter. 

We also support the Seahorse Trust and 10% of all products bought by it's members is donated to the Trust. You can join them .  at

Just make a note that you are a ST member at checkout