Marli's tangled tale-a story of a puffin

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Marli’s Tangled Tale is perfect as a bedtime story or to share with your school or preschool. It is an engaging story based on the true tale of a little puffin who becomes entangled in balloon litter. The book is being used to explain to children the issue of ocean plastic and offers alternative suggestions for balloon releases for children to try. With stunning illustrations, a happy ending and ideas for the future, Marli’s Tangled Tale is sure to inspire those wanting to take care of nature and their environment.

By Ellie Jackson and Laura Callwood

Author Ellie Jackson, a mother of four has written a series of books to help educate children about the impact of plastics on ocean ecosystems.

Ellie Jackson, who lives by the sea in Looe, Cornwall, wrote her first book while living in Australia. It was inspired by a year spent on a tropical island, during which she and her family saw a turtle being released back into the ocean after a year of treatment for ingesting plastic.