Dopper stainless steel water bottle and cup

Stainless steel base Dopper water bottle with cup 490ml/800ml

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490ml :This robust, lightweight water bottle is the latest addition to the Dopper Steel range.It is the  perfect companion for a day out or when needing to travel a bit lighter- there are many more options now to refill you water bottle when out and about saving you pounds and saving plastic waste. Ideal for larger handbags and small ruck sacs!

The designs are simple and have a retro feel about them..tres chic!.

Take off the lid to drink or enjoy your drink by using the cup. The Dopper was designed for water, you can use for other carbonated drinks for example but this may cause discolouration.

The 800ml is also available better for ruck sacs and picnics.

(NOTE:If you are off on a real rugged ourdoor adventure we would recommend searching the Klean Kanteen range which have totally stainless steel bottles.)

Check out this link for cleaning:

How to care and use your Dopper

If you damage a part of your Dopper you can get in touch with the company direct


Holds: 490 ml / 16.6 ounce 
Three parts, very easy to clean.
Dishwasher safe up to 65°C / 149°F but handwashing is better option in our opinion
Produced responsibly in China.
Suitable for tap water
Warning: this is not a thermos- not for hot drinks

Do not use in the freezer

18/8 steel, stainless (bottle)
Tritan (cup)
TPE - Thermoplastic Elastomer (gasket in cap)
PP - Polypropylene (Cap)

BPA/plasticizer-free and non-toxic